The perfect domain for your business is available!

It sounds like a good domain; you should register it before someone else snatches it up. Here's two options to do so directly:


Most people also want a logo for their business or project. I can recommend Logology, made by a fellow indiehacker. Professional quality logos, in 5 mins.
If that sounds good, click below ↓

Social Media


You probably also need to host your website somewhere. I personally use Heroku, but Godaddy has some cheap and simple options. Here's a few discounted offers:

1. Templated website
GoDaddy builds & hosts this for you free, no credit card required. Downside: it's free, so there's limitations. You could also try GitHub pages
Link Here

2. Managed Wordpress
Wordpress is pretty popular for non-technical users (around 40% of ALL websites on the internet use it). GoDaddy offers a $2.99/mo option for building and hosting your website with Wordpress.
Link Here

3. Generic hosting
Godaddy also has some other generic hosting options ↓
Link Here

That's all! We hope you enjoy your new domain! You can also follow us on Twitter at @namy_ai